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About Belarus


sights of belarus

Only in Belovezhskaya Pushcha can you see trees of several centuries old, relict animals - bison, which live in nature as well as in open-air cages. Any city resident will be useful to breathe fresh forest air, hear the singing of birds. And only twenty kilometers from Belovezhskaya Pushcha lies the city of Kamenets, famous for its defensive tower. This is the only tower in Volhynia that has survived so well. The Kamenetz Tower is also known as the White Tower. This is one of the unofficial symbols of Belarus.

The Mir Castle is an excellent example of architectural Gothic architecture. This is the most eastern gothic castle in the world, the place where the largest armies of Europe fought. Now there is a museum dedicated to the history of the castle and the history of Belarus. You can stay at the hotel, as well as book an excursion. In the Mir Castle there are theatrical performances, which perfectly recreate the historical atmosphere.

The Nesvizh castle is no less interesting than the Mir Castle. His history is also associated with numerous wars and sieges. Nevertheless, here remained an amazing palace and park ensemble, over which several generations of architects worked for four hundred years. Also in Nesvizh you can see a unique baroque church, which is a rarity in Eastern Europe. And Nesvizh Town Hall is the oldest town hall in Belarus.
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